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What is Expressions?

The Expressions project is is an annual tradition and truly the heart of the EBA experience. It is a highlight of student academic life and an artistic journey. Over the course of the next three months students will be enrolled in one of 4 colleges: Creative Writing & Theater, Dance, Music, or Visual & Digital Arts, where they will create an artistic piece. Each piece of art, whether it be a performance, a painting, or a story, is centered on a selected theme.

In addition to the final art piece, students will write an artist statement that documents the journey to create their piece, including analyzing and explaining their piece, and how it fits the theme.

Each student’s piece, along with artist statements, will be on display during our Expressions culminating event on Friday, January 25, 2019. At this event, students and staff spend the entire day focusing on viewing the art created by our community and celebrating each other’s talents. There are galleries, a literary magazine, visual and digital arts displays; as well as live solo and group dance, music, and spoken word performances. It is a day full of positive energy, creativity, community, and showcasing.


This year's theme is



Do you want to see the 2019 Best of Expressions?


We are so excited to announce that this years best of expressions will take place at the beautiful Historic Bal Theater located at:


14808 E !4th Street

San Leandro, CA


March 8, 2019 7PM - 10 PM

ticket information will be posted closer to the show date

College of Creative Writing and Theater
College of Dance
College of Music
College of Digital Arts
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College of Visual Arts