Senior Credit Recovery Work Due SOON!!!

Hello East Bay Arts 12th great families,
This next week is spring break, school resumes on Monday, April 22nd and then there are only 7 1/2 weeks until graduation. Our seniors only have 33 days left of instruction! Please check in with your student, check on their current grades in class, and their grades from the 3rd quarter. As a parent you can help by making sure they are completing assignments and attending regularly. It is important to realize that ALL credit recovery credits must be completed by our deadline of May 17th. Credit recovery is any work that is being done to make up for previous course(s) that students did not pass or earn full credit in, not for class that students are currently enrolled. We want all of our 12th graders to be successful, so take this opportunity to make sure that your student is on track, Spring break is an excellent time to complete additional work if your 12th graders is behind.