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Clubs and After School Activities



Glow (gay, lesbian or, whatever) Club

The GLOW club(Gay, Lesbian Or Whatever)meets regularly and is open to all students.  We will be holding educational events, discussions and planning parties to help increase awareness and acceptance in our community.  We are also affiliated with the GSA(Gay Straight Alliance).

Leadership Club 


The purpose of the TUPE program is to help young people make healthful smoking-related decisions.  The TUPE club at EBA is a group of students who have fun while helping other students improve their health.  We do presentations inside and outside of classes, plan lunchtime events and receive training about vaping, tobacco and other substance use.   


Fashion Club 



Jam Club

Jam Club is an opportunity for students to play music with and learn from other student musicians. 

Debate Club

Debate Club is a space were students come and debate hot topics in a proper format. There is not yelling or being rude when opinions differ. Students support their arguments through backed evidence and rebuttal the other side’s point of view in a quick-paced and fun atmosphere. Topics have included immigration and affirmative action and there are more to come



RPG Club 

Tabletop RPG club meets after school to tell stories and play story games. All are welcome to come play. :)

Poly Club