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East Bay Arts Learner Objectives

Students at East Bay Arts High School will grow as problem solvers, researchers, communicators, users of technology and socially responsible persons.


1. Problem Solvers…

  1. Identify challenges, set priorities in service of balanced, achievable goals, and develop logical plans of action to effectively resolve issues.
  2. Apply higher order thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, prediction, and evaluation.
  3. Demonstrate skill in navigating successfully through standardized documents, including assessments, legal documents, job, financial aid, and college applications.

2. Researchers…

  1. Critically evaluate print and electronic sources of information in relation to various research questions.
  2. Effectively synthesize researched information to identify appropriate action.
  3. Garner information from various sources to formulate personal ideas and opinions.
  4. Effectively build knowledge, weigh options, and make informed choices regarding career, college and life as an adult.

3. Communicators…

  1. Convey information in both speech and writing to specific audiences using the expository, persuasive/argumentative, and process analysis styles of discourse.
  2. Employ imagination to demonstrate sophisticated creative expression through poetry, drama, narrative, music, visual art, dance, and / or sports.
  3. Apply interactive communication skills that foster collaboration and contribute to positive relationships.

4. Users of Technology…

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in word processing, spreadsheets and multimedia presentations including graphics, video and music.
  2. Become ethical digital citizens through appropriate use of social media and copyright law as both consumers and creators.
  3. Choose appropriate technology tools for school, work and personal lives using advanced internet navigation and research skills, and information management.

5. Socially Responsible Persons...            `

  1. Develop personal responsibility through good attendance, self-discipline and productive work.
  2. Promote constructive dialogue and communication across diverse identities and perspectives.
  3. Work in diverse groups and teams effectively, participating in school, district-wide, and community councils and groups.
  4. Engage in the political process as active and informed participants, contributing as good stewards of our changing world.